A novel 15 years in the making

It is a common thing for people to have a novel that they have worked on for years. Death’s Disciples is that novel for me. I started it shortly after high school, pieced it together over the course of the next eight years, and then allowed it to sit for a while before I started editing. The while it sat stretched into seven years.  But I am doing it now.  It is a grueling process. The problem is that I am not that writer any more. Since I started this book I have travelled the world, earned a wife, fathered a daughter, and really just grown up. However, the challenge is to balance the better writing that I can now produce as compared to the younger version of myself and the piss-and-vinegar attitude that was mine back in my youth compared to the relaxed attitude that I have now in my middle thirties.

The story still calls to me. It is brutal and grotesque, but the basic premise is still good in my eyes and rings of Clive Barker’s early novels, like the Damnation Game. I really have little doubt that I will be able to find a publisher for it when I am done editing it, but finishing this edit will be long and grueling.  I am trying to find ways to keep the aggression in the book without allowing the grammar to run haywire.  All in all, a fun but daunting task.


Most of you that read this already know me, so instead of introducing myself or any such thing, I will instead begin with discussing my first and yet to be released novel. Several publishers have shown interest in working with me on it, but the editing has been slow going. I am hoping to have it in a publisher’s hand by late February. The book is brutal. I go WAY over my norm with violence for that 300 pages.