Book review: Geek Force Five Volume 2

I reserve five star reviews for masterpieces. While this book was solid fun, it isn’t for everyone. The book has five stories in it, and each has their own charms and short comings.

“The Dandelion Girl” by Caren Gussoff is a beautifully written story that has us wondering if we are reading a remake of Terminator or a beautiful love story.

“Jean Genie” by Anna Tizard was the weakest story of the book for me, and I say that because when I was finished with the book, I had no memory of this story at all. It left no impact on me. I went back and saw I had left notes, a custom for me, or else I might not have known I had read it.

“Ideal Reader” by Jake Walters is a fun story. It is a story so absurd and ridiculous that if you were to pitch it as a story idea you wouldn’t get past the first sentence before they send you on your way. However, the author, despite his absurd story, takes the crafting of the story very seriously and writes an unnerving horror that makes you feel the unease of the absurdity along with the character.

“Dracula” by Mark Mazzenga was not my cup of tea, but the idea was interesting and may be loved by some. It was a story of Dracula being raised as a human in the modern world. A story like this could have worked for me had it been terribly funny or humorously horrific, but this was neither and fell a little flat.

“Womb Envy” by S. Macleod was not surprisingly the star of the book for me. Macleod was the reason I bought the book, and I was excited to read another story by her. This one did not disappoint. Her ability to be gruesome and charming with the same character is quite impressive. The story of psychological interpretations and death exploration is chilling and fascinating.

All and all, I feel this book is well worth the time and money, and I recommend it.



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