Book Review: All The Light We Cannot See

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize and has been considered by many to be an instant classic. I thought differently. This book, while using the language in the most beautiful ways I’ve ever read, was poorly written for translating a story. It was a book that spends hundreds of pages building characters and tension through beautifully described prose, only to skip over climactic moments in a sentence, or sometimes to leave the climax unwritten all together only to have the events mentioned in the next chapter. If you read for the art of the language and how words can paint a time and a person, this book is for you and will be the best you ever read. If you read for entertainment and a good story, this one will leave you frustrated. It is 450 pages of buildup and 80 pages of fluff (but beautifully written fluff) after the skipped climax. If you stick a daisy on a turd, some will only see the daisy; others will only see the turd. I recommend this book for the beauty of the writing, but the poor storytelling practices makes it a book that I recommend begrudgingly.


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