#BookReview Eyes of the Dragon

Eyes of the Dragon has been sitting on my bookshelf For more than half my life. It was a book I got in my youth during the long fantasy obsessed years of my life, a phase that eventually yielded to horror. I now find it ironic that the book sat unread through both stages. The lure of the Dragon was not so great to entice me during the fantasy years, and the lure of the (Stephen) King was not great enough to lure me after. So 25 years the book sat neglected, but now the deed is done, the book has been read. The only question is whether I will remember it enough to not forget that I’ve read it.

The book really is among King’s worst works. It is a mild story in every way. The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, and the storyline read like a fairytale. But there is a difference, in fairytales shocking things happened: stepsisters hack off their toes to fit their feet in the slipper, stupendous acts of magic occur that leave us spell bound and there is true suspense because you love and relate to the characters. This book has no shocks, no unexpected twists, and the characters are hollow and vague. The narrator paints the picture, but often refers to himself, breaking the suspension of disbelief. And every step through the story the most expected thing is the thing that occurs.

Now that I’ve slammed it really good, let me tell you about how much I enjoyed it. Seriously, I enjoyed the hell out of the book. The world of King is tied into the story in ways that I can’t say I fully understand. Rolland is the King and Flagg is his court wizard. As a fan of the Dank Tower series, this was a fun story to think of how it is meant to tie together.

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