#Bookreview The City by Clifford Simak

City is one of those Science Fiction books that has a brilliant idea, but the delivery is just muffled a bit to make it a good read but not great. I see it very much in the same mold as Asimov’s Foundation. There is a lot that can be discussed here, but all of them would involve spoilers. It is very complex and will be sure to take turns you didn’t expect. I would call it a must read for all science fiction fans, even though I do not think it is the best book by Simak. If you have read this, I would love to discuss some of the philosophical ideas and dilemmas presented. Please message me.

2 thoughts on “#Bookreview The City by Clifford Simak

  1. Robert,
    My name is Joe Schwartz and I’m the programming coordinator for the St. Louis Public Library.

    On October 27 from 1-5 I’ll be hosting the Author Shout Out! at the Schlafly Library. It’s a fun time with at least a dozen other locally published authors in every genre. I’d love for you to consider attending this year. It is open to the public from 2-5pm and is a great way to meet not only cross-sections of the reading public you might not otherwise reach, but it is a refreshing opportunity to network with fellow writers who are working hard to have their work discovered. Susan McBride will be the keynote and every author attending will get a brief but fulfilling moment to speak from the podium.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon,


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