Book Review: Desert God

Wilbur Smith returned to his Egyptian series for a fifth book (fourth surrounding Taita in the ancient world). While I liked all of the books in the series, I felt that The Quest ventured a bit too far into the realm of fantasy, not that I have any problem with fantasy, but I prefer to keep my fantasy separate from my historical fiction. This book came as a rather big surprise. Chronologically, this book would be the second in the life of Taita. While it is far-fetched to the point of ridiculous, you are reading Taita’s accounts of the events which works to explain the unexplainable as simple misunderstandings made by the ancient genius who was no stranger to self-flattery. The book ventures into uncharted territories as the Egyptians travel out of the Nile Delta and visit some of the other great cultures and witness some of histories most remarkable places and events. It is great fun. It may be more tongue in cheek than the rest of the series, but I think the series was ready for it. Well worth the read if you liked River God, which is a must read if you enjoy action, historical Fiction, or adventure books.