#Bookreview Game of Thrones

Everyone knows this show is the hottest show out there and that the books are supposed to be better. Having read the first book, I can say that the book is not better. There are the words that get typed so rarely. Writing as an art form has millions of advantages over film, making it nearly unthinkable for a movie to surpass the book form; however, in the case of GOT, the show was able to capture the world in nearly every sizzling detail and played tricks on the viewer that the book couldn’t do. One thing that I loved about the show was how (and I’m only comparing first season to first book here) you saw the white walkers at the very beginning and saw nothing else to convince you that it was a magic world until the very end of with the dragons. The book was much more in your face, staking its place as a high fantasy early on with constant talk of the mythical creatures.

Now let me say that I saw the show first. I love the show, and the book was a real joy to read. I look forward to reading the rest of them. I hear they break from the show later on, and I look forward to that. But as of now, I would say that the show was brilliantly made from the very good book.

Book Review: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

I can’t really call this book hollow, but it certainly wasn’t solid all the way through. It was entertaining, but it fell rather flat. There were no shocks in it and the three linked short stories that comprise this book each fail as stand-alones. If you love GoT, read it while you wait. If you are a casual fan, skip it.