#Bookreview The City by Clifford Simak

City is one of those Science Fiction books that has a brilliant idea, but the delivery is just muffled a bit to make it a good read but not great. I see it very much in the same mold as Asimov’s Foundation. There is a lot that can be discussed here, but all of them would involve spoilers. It is very complex and will be sure to take turns you didn’t expect. I would call it a must read for all science fiction fans, even though I do not think it is the best book by Simak. If you have read this, I would love to discuss some of the philosophical ideas and dilemmas presented. Please message me.

#BookReview Kenobi by John Jackson Miller #StarWars

Star Wars Kenobi (promo cover)

Of all the Star Wars books I have read, This is my favorite. It is my favorite because it is not a fantasy like the rest of the films, or even a Space Opera or science fiction. Kenobi is a western, and Jackson even included all the old tropes of the western genre. One of my favorite aspect is the the mysterious stranger that shows up and cleans up the town is actually known to us. The Pale Rider is Obiwan Kenobi, hero of the Clone Wars, the trainer of Anikan Skywalker, killer of Darth Maul. We have pulled the mask off the Lone Ranger, and he is one of the last Jedi. If you are a Star Wars fan, read this book. Especially now that there are talks of a movie.

Book Review: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Heinlein is one of those names that when I hear it I am instantly filled with a sense of respect and admiration. With the likes of Bradbury and Asimov, Heinlein has me from the outset. Unlike the others, Heinlein usually loses me in pretty short order.
This book is probably the best of the old masters that I have read, or the one that has held up the best. Heinlein is just so deeply wedged in his own ideology that his science fiction is unable to see beyond his limited scope.
I enjoyed this book. Yet I found it too often fell into the Heinlein flaws of still rejecting females as worthy characters and always having the government as the ultimate evil. In short, I am starting a campaign in my own mind to revoke Heinlein’s legend status, not because he no longer deserves it, but because he never deserved it in the first place.
Orson Scott Card may be a horrible human, but at least his books don’t show that.

Book Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I knew the basic premise of this one going in, but I have never seen the movies and knew only the basics. I have to say, for a global phenomenon that this book created, I am rather disappointed. The story held my interest, but the plot was predictable. The book read like a children’s book, but the subject matter was a bit extreme for a children’s book. I felt like it wanted to be Ender’s Game, but Ender’s Game was not a children’s book, it was just a book that children were drawn to. I am in no hurry to read the other two books in the series, but I may pick them up if the mood strikes me.

#Bookreview Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov

The last of the Foundation books, how sad! The journey of the Foundation series, both the original and the prelude books is perhaps the greatest sci-fi series I’ve read. This final installment was in many ways a lot like the first book. It was a series of short stories taking place over a span of time. While the original was about the foundation, this followed the foundation’s designer, Hari Seldon. It is a great book for fans of the series and a suitable conclusion, but if you haven’t read all the other Foundation books, go do that before picking up this final chapter. Asimov may be dead, but he laid the foundation for science fiction, and maybe even a second foundation.

John Scalzi’s the Human Division

John Scalzi is a famous author of science fiction, and his books often explore a universe where old men are genetically modified and made young in order to serve as soldiers in outer space. Part of the process turns these formerly old men into youthful, agile, and green not-quite humans. The old people young thing, sure. The outer space battles against countless aliens, sure. The green skin, alright. Where Scalzi went over the line and shattered my suspension of disbelief was when he stated that the Cubs had won the World Series. Get the hell off my book shelf! Anyway, fair to good read besides that; however, if you wanted a novel, keep looking. This is a book of intertwined shorts.